Our Top 10 Favourite Schleich Dinosaurs

If your kids are anything like ours, they love all things dinosaur-related. So when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for our little paleontologists-in-the-making, Schleich dinosaur toys are always at the top of our list! Each figurine features incredibly detailed and well-made designs that engage children in playful learning. Here is our list of the top 10 Schleich dinosaur figurines we think every kid should own.

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur
This king of all dinosaurs shared their land with other fierce creatures like Velociraptor and Triceratops, but they couldn't compare in size or power; T-Rex ruled over them all! The incredible detail of this model is quite stunning. The eyes and scales have some amazing features, as do the tongue and feet! We also love how vivid the colours are in person - especially when you get up close for a better look.

Schleich Triceratops Dinosaur
The eyes on this figurine are a beautiful gloss black, which really brings the Triceratops to life, and the sculpt of the eyes and head are some of the most intricate you will see on a Schleich dinosaur model. The red touches on the frill are quite distinctive, which helps this figurine stand out amongst other replicas.

Schleich Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
The long-neck dinosaurs were always my favourite dinosaurs to read and learn about when I was a kid (Apatosaurus, Diplodocus), but Brachiosaurus stands head and shoulders above the rest for me (pun intended!). Schleich really know how to pose the perfect stance of its figurines and we think the Brachiosaurus is a great example of this. We also like that they were able do such an amazing job with capturing every detail of its head, from the bridge all the way down to those eyes!

Schleich Velociraptor Dinosaur
This feathered Velociraptor is not only beautiful but also features an awesome ombre paint effect. We love that it's been intricately detailed with bright blue highlights on its face, which makes for an extremely unique figurine to add your collection!

Schleich Pteranodon Dinosaur
The Pteranodon is one of those instant choices that immediately springs to mind when asked which dinosaur is your favourite. But Pteranodon isn’t actually a dinosaur! Because it flew and its front limbs stretched out to the sides, it can’t be called a dinosaur; instead, it’s a distant cousin.

Take a look at the scar on this Pteranodon's beak. You can see how much attention was put into making sure every detail is spot on, which is what makes Schleich toys so collectible.

Scleich Mosasaurus Dinosaur
The giant aquatic lizard, Mosasaurus, was a beast and a half! An apex predator in the age of the dinosaurs, it would glide through the water with its long tail and paddle-like limbs.

We really like that Schleich decided to make the jaw of Mosasaurus articulated so it moves. It really brings home what this sea creature was like and how terrifying those cone shaped teeth were!

Schleich Ankylosaurus Dinosaur
Ankylosaurus is often compared to an army tank or bus in its stature. Similar to crocodiles and armadillos, its back was almost entirely covered in thick armour made up of massive knobs and oval plates of bone.

This figurine is actually our favourite out of the entire dinosaur collection from Schleich. The armour and skin details, down to the wrinkles on the underside of Ankylosaurus, give a great impression of how tough and leathery the skin on this dinosaur would have been. This figurine is a great piece to kick off your dinosaur collection.

Schleich Cryolophosaurus Dinosaur
When people think of where dinosaurs lived, it’s usually the jungle. But Cryolophosaurus was the first dinosaur discovered in Antarctica! The unusually bright colours on this figurine - blue with neon pink and orange - are a welcome change to the muted tones often found on other dinosaurs.

Schleich Plesiosaurus Dinosaur
Aquatic and one of the more interesting looking dinosaurs, Plesiosaurus is said to resemble "a turtle with a snake threaded through its body," despite the fact that they lacked a shell. The markings on the head are very unique to this dinosaur and Schleich highlights them especially well on this model. 

Schleich Parasauralophus Dinosaur
Everyone need a duckbill dinosaur in their toy collection! And how about a dinosaur that can play music? You heard us right. The bright green crest atop the head of Parasauralophus was a trumpet, used to communicate with other members of the herd or across long distance. This figurine is another well-posed Schleich model, with the dinosaur mid-stroll.

We stock Schleich in the Hello Youngster toy shop because we believe they make the absolute best dinosaur figurines on the market. The models are sturdy and abrasion-proof, ensuring that they can withstand plenty of playtime. If you have a child or family member who loves dinosaurs (or if you’re just looking to add to your own collection), be sure to check out the selection of Schleich dinosaur toys that we have available. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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