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Clixo Grip & Stick Pack

Clixo Grip & Stick Pack

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Clixo is best described as a fun combination of origami and magnetic play with the ease of classic building blocks, allowing kids to create 3d creations. The flexible moulds click together easily and rotate in all directions. With 18 pieces in 6 unique Clixo shapes, this mini pack is the perfect size to stack and pack for play, building, or wearing on the go! Makes a satisfying clicking sound, both heard and felt when the magnets click together, lets children know that each part is securely in place. 

Expand kids’ creative play spaces with the holographic Grip & Sick Pack, that refracts light and makes dancing rainbows! This pack contains 24 pieces in 10 unique Clixo shapes, including suction cup accessories. Kids can construct funny faces, hanging tubes, or elaborate structures on windows and tiles.

The parts are easy to clean up: you just stack them on top of each other. So you’ll be ready in no time for a trip to a playmate, the park or on holiday! As icing on the cake, Clixo is also washable: just wipe the toys with water or put them in the dishwasher after play.

  • Suitable for children aged 4 years to 8 years


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