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Foxtail Softie | The Junior Throw & Catch Game

Foxtail Softie | The Junior Throw & Catch Game

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Throw by the tail and catch by the tail! Foxtails are ingenious outdoor toys. The Softie has a long fabric streamer that is weighted at one end with a soft foam ball (which makes it bop-your-sibling safe!)

Grasp the tail end, give it a whirl (literally!) and release. The Foxtail streams through the air with amazing precision. Foxtails can easily fly over 25 metres! Snag it out of the air by grabbing the tail, whirl, and release it again to sail back to your partner. A point scoring system is included on the streamer to incorporate a competitive component in your gameplay.

Soft enough to play for ages 3 and over, yet challenging enough for older kids, too!

  • Suitable for kids aged 3 to 7 years
  • Size: 87cm from the top of the ball to the end of the streamer


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