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Candylab GT10

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Quick Take
In a bright orange, race striped livery, the GT10 riffs on the pure soul of a classic sports car if there ever was one. You don’t get much more muscle car than that.
What’s Inside
A design reminiscent of iconic 1960s automobiles, complex carving details, perfectly smooth rubber tires and lively graphics - all add up to a stunning toy. Beachwood gives each car its unexpected heft, making for realistic play scenarios based on real world physics - evident in ramp jumps off the couch and landings. The water-based paints and clear urethane are safe and environmentally conscious, while the high gloss finish, cool graphics and candy-like colours spark imaginative play scenarios. 
  • Suitable from 3 years of age
  • Please keep in mind that with everyday play Candylab cars will scuff, dent or scratch, and that is how we prefer them honestly. It means it is fulfilling its purpose as a toy and it makes us happy. Alternatively, if you keep it on a shelf and just dust it off from time to time, it will stay glossy for ever and ever.
  • 18.29 x 7.11 x 4.95cm


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