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Just Blocks

Just Blocks Baby Pack (16 Pieces)

Just Blocks Baby Pack (16 Pieces)

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Just Blocks Baby Pack contains 16 natural wooden basic bold blocks. Grip, design, build, balance; the beauty and challenge of these pared back blocks is in their simplicity. Each block size and shape has been thoroughly tested so as to support and enhance a child's motor skills and cognitive brain development.

Building 'Just Block' structures, helps develop a child’s fine motor and manual dexterity skills as well as hand-to-eye coordination and to exercise the hand and finger muscles. A given block set is not designed to force/instruct any particular way of playing. In contrast, the focus is on letting children use their own imagination. During the building process, a child can learn how to explore and exploit cause & effect, to undertake challenging tasks and to test the limits of their abilities. What will you create?  

Age 1-3


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