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Ooze Labs Mini Slime Experiment

Ooze Labs Mini Slime Experiment

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Choose from five individual Ooze Labs tubes, each containing the ingredients needed to conduct a fun and educational slimy science experiment. Each tube has its own instruction manual to guide experimentation along with safe, non-toxic materials needed to conduct each experiment.

- Glitter Slime: Mix up a pale blue slime and add holographic glitter flecks to it for a fun, sparkly effect.
- Glowing Galaxy Slime: Slime that twinkles and glows like the starry night sky.
- Glow In The Dark Slime: Special properties that allow it to store light energy.
- Hypercolour Slime: Make colour change slime. Temperature dependant colour change from blue to green.
- Sunshine Slime: Changes colour when exposed to sunlight.

Suitable for children aged 5 years and older


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