A bouncing good time with Rody The Hopping Horse!

Kids have so much energy, and every parent is familiar with the phrase “bouncing off the walls"! Rody the Hopping Horse is the answer to your prayers!

An evergreen in the toy category, Rody is great fun for toddlers and an extraordinary support for body movement! Rody helps your child develop balance, movement skills and coordination. Adopted in kindergartens around the world as a psychomotor tool, this bouncing inflatable ride-on toy with its smiling expression has immediate appeal to kids.

Toddlers are an active bunch, and while they can move around with Rody, it can also be fun to just bounce in place. So Rody works whether you have a big or small area to play in. And, you can inflate Rody to your child’s size, so it’s a toy that grows with them. Although it's aimed at children aged 2 to 4 years old, babies who are able to hold up their head can sit on Rody if you hold them.

My daughter received one of these as a birthday gift when she turned 2 and it was the hit of the party with all of the kids; even the 6 year olds refused to get off when it was time to go home! Our family loved it so much that we now give it away as a signature first or second birthday gift to all our friend's children. Everyone loves Rody!

Made from strong vinyl, it doesn't require any additional care aside from cleaning with soap or an anti-bacterial wipe. The compact size makes it easy to store anywhere in your home while also making inflation quite speedy (a simple hand pump does the trick).

I can’t stress enough how durable this toy is. Gymnic proudly state that Rody can support up to 200kg. Having seen many an adult take Rody for a bounce I can tell you they weren’t joking, and it will easily withstand your rowdy toddler. The thick rubber is a perfect combination of strength, softness and elasticity in order to provide the best ride-on experience ever. It’s also surprisingly quiet when bouncing, which parents will appreciate.

For active toddlers, Rody The Hopping Horse makes an awesome gift. Not only is it super durable and hard wearing, bouncing around also helps strengthen all sorts of important child development. If your child hasn’t yet experienced the fun that can be had with Rody, just pop into the shop to try one out in person. Rody is available for sale in our online shop and you can click here to purchase. If you’re a seasoned Rody pro, don’t forget to tell us how much your child enjoyed bouncing in the comments below!

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