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Air Games Bundle

Air Games Bundle

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Let the good times soar! Keep life fun with three best-selling Waboba toys in one bundled box. Play all day with the Wingman, Airlyft, and Moon Ball. The sky’s the limit. Kids will never be bored again! 

Wingman flies over 40 metres! Wingman is a flexible, silicone disc aerodynamically designed to fly straight and far. It’s foldable, pocketable, and easily catchable.

The Moon Ball bounces out of this world! The hyper bouncing, gravity-defying Moon Ball features unique craters that make a “pop” sound when it hits the pavement.

Airlyft glides over 30 metres! A revolutionary, hollow glider engineered for maximum lift. Prepare for takeoff! Launch it by its tail, or throw it by the ring. The sky’s the limit!

Suitable for children aged 6 years and older


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