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Muddly Puddly

MakeMUD EarthFizz Powder | Chocolate

MakeMUD EarthFizz Powder | Chocolate

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This has to be the most decadent sensory treat of the season! Crafted from certified organic cocoa powder, homegrown mud and flecked with shining silver leaf alloy, this product smells just like a delicious choccie egg! Imagine your own bubbling chocolate mud pies, frothy milkshakes, bubble sundaes, erupting lava cakes and molten mud puddings. Crumble EarthFizz into a bowl of water to see it fizz and smell the sweet cocoa scent. Alternatively, spread it out on a tray and watch as droplets of water cause it to bubble to life. Dig into the rich chocolate mud once all the foam has can even be used as an incredibly unique glittery paint! All natural soil components have been safely sterilised to eliminate all live matter making this an incredibly fun, yet safe, activity for kids of all ages.

  • Contains 200g of EarthFizz
  • Packaged in a resealable, compostable pouch
  • No added colours or fragrance, just mud and cocoa

Suitable for children aged 3 years and older


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