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Owl Pellet | See What This Owl Ate For Dinner

Owl Pellet | See What This Owl Ate For Dinner

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Owls eat a lot of things that they can't digest - the fur, feathers, bills, claws, teeth, skulls, and bones of their prey. Luckily for the owls, 6 to 10 hours after their meal, the indigestible bits form into a pellet that the owl regurgitates, leaving behind handy evidence of the owl's habitat, its place in the food chain, and its predatory skills. This pellet is from a barn owl and ism gathered from barn and forest floors.

How to examine your pellet
Carefully remove the foil wrapping from the pellet. use the probes to dissect the pellet and extract the owl's dinner. Use the bone guide included to identify what the owl ate.

Is this gross? A bit, sure. But you would be hard pressed to find a budding naturist and wannabe zoologist that won't think this is one of the coolest gifts they've ever received.

Suitable for children aged 7 years and older


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