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The Original Sea Monkeys

The Original Sea Monkeys Magic Castle

The Original Sea Monkeys Magic Castle

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Welcome to the amazing world of Sea Monkeys! From the moment you open your package, you can start creating your own little family of instant pets, right before your eyes. It's as easy as 1-2-3... just add water and their eggs will instantly come to life. You'll be mesmerised as they hatch into little creatures and swim around their castle home. Heaps of fun awaits as you get to know your new family members feeding them and watching them explore their habitat. The included magnifier lets you see amazing detail of the sea monkeys and their environment

Did we mention Sea Monkeys live (and rule their domain) for up to 2 years!? They’re awesome, incredibly low maintenance pets.

Includes: 1 x Magic castle plastic tank with built-in magnifying lid and water pump | 3 x Sachets containing instant live eggs, growth food and water purifier | Aqua leash vacuum tube for safely transporting your Sea Monkeys when cleaning their tank | 1 x Feeding spoon and illustrated instructions

Suitable for children aged 6 years an older


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