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You Are Something Spectacular (Let Me Tell You Why) Book

You Are Something Spectacular (Let Me Tell You Why) Book

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“Sometimes, I wonder, how did the forces of this universe align so completely, so perfectly, to create someone like you?”

Recognise an extraordinary kiddo or bestie friend in your life with this thoughtful fill-in-the-blank gift book that’s ready for your biggest compliments.

Say how you really feel - what you were thinking when you first met, all the things they do that impress you, and everything you know they’re capable of.

With easy-to-complete pages full of warmth and wit, you can cut to the heart of what makes them spectacular - and spectacularly important to you!

The book’s sweet and playful prompts are easy to complete and include examples like:

Like a bright and brilliant sun, you just radiate _____________.

When I look at you, I think, “Dang, __________________.” …because you’ve got a power that could set the world alight.

I wish I could throw a giant party for you, filled with your favourite things, like _________________ and ______________.

  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and older
  • Size: 15.2 x 19 cm 
  • 64 pages, hardcover


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