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Create A Castle

Create A Castle Sandcastle Kit | Starter Tower

Create A Castle Sandcastle Kit | Starter Tower

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Become beach royalty with these epic sand castle building tools. The set comes with a 6in/15cm tower mould, which can be used to create head-turning castles. The split-mould design is able to press stone wall ridges into damp sand, for a realistic effect. The set also includes a rectangular brick mould, for adding battlements to your towers or additional walls. There is an additional, multipurpose tool designed to help open the tower moulds as well as adding freehand details to your structures. The kit comes with a mesh bag that can be rinsed off, keeping the sand at the beach and not in your house.

Fun bonus… if you’re a family of snow bunnies, these tools can also be used to make amazing snow castles for year-round outdoor fun.

Includes: 6" Split system cylinder | Multi tool | Battlement brick form | Mesh backpack

Suitable for children aged 5 years and older


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