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Featherweight Fiesta

Featherweight Fiesta

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Get ready to spread your wings and strike a pose with Featherweight Fiesta – the ultimate game that turns you into a birdie superstar! Just like your favorite feathered friends, you'll hop from wire to wire, capturing crazy and clever snapshots of bird poses.

Here's how it goes: sort the Selfie cards into piles based on the number of birds, then let the fun take flight! With your best bird call leading the way, players take turns picking a Selfie card and trying their wing at recreating the pose. It's a hilarious game of creativity and mimicry that'll have everyone squawking with laughter!

But watch out – the game ends when all the birds have flown the coop. Count up your points based on the Selfie cards you've nailed and any leftover eggs for extra flair. Who will soar to the top of the pecking order and be crowned the Birdie Selfie champion?

So gather your flock and get ready for a tweet-worthy adventure with Birdie Selfie – where every pose is a chance to spread your wings and shine!

Cooperative rules:
Playing in cooperative mode allows you to challenge yourselves further. Most of the rules are the same, but there are a few differences.

Object of the game :
Win the most points by recreating the bird’s poses from the Selfie cards on the wire.

Ages: 7+


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