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Quick Take
In a society obsessed with success, it is time to celebrate tripping up and falling on our faces from time to time!

What's Inside
A set of 30 activity cards and a mindset theory book designed to change the way the whole family thinks about failing. A fun and fancy-free way for all ages to engage with ideas around mistakes - after all some of our best discoveries come about as a result of our failures! Originally designed with an aim of encouraging children's continuous curiosity and adaptiveness - arming them to approach ideas in new ways.

The Epic Fail Game comes in a beautifully designed & illustrated hard cover box and is printed using environmentally friendly inks and papers. Designed by Yolanda and Susanna - two Sydney creatives with a few decades of professional experience in cultural psychology and design between them.

Includes: 30 beautifully illustrated cards, a book explaining the theory behind the game and gameplay
  • Suitable for children 5 years and onward + their grown ups
  • Produced with eco-friendly inks and paper.
  • 17.5 x 14 x 3cm

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